The Gray Hive Co

hand dye textiles and apparel


At The Gray Hive Co, we use many different methods of shibori techniques to bring you trendy and beautiful pieces for yourself, your home, and your littles. Shibori is a Japanese term for the method of dyeing textiles by stitching, binding, folding, twisting and compressing.

We make, soak, dye, oxidize, rinse and then open each piece by hand and with love. This art is a mix of magic and mystery as each masterpiece is truly one of a kind.

We strive to use natural, locally sourced and environmentally conscious materials whenever possible.

Our goal is to create pieces that you keep in your home for years to come;

⇢ Clothing that encourages your little ones to explore, dance, jump and play
⇢ Blankets and lovies to snuggle
⇢ Swaddles to hold your new baby close
⇢ Bohemian inspired home decor items
and much, much more.